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Album Discography

We Care A Lot

We Care a Lot
, Mordam
May 1985
1. We Care a Lot   
2. The Jungle   
3. Mark Bowen   
4. Jim   
5. Why Do You Bother?   
6. Greed   
7. Pills for Breakfast   
8. As the Worm Turns   
9. Arabian Disco   
10. New Beginnings

 Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself, Slash / Rhino
April 23rd, 1987
1. Faster Disco   
2. Anne's Song   
3. Introduce Yourself   
4. Chinese Arithmetic   
5. Death March   
6. We Care A Lot   
7. R N' R   
8. The Crab Song   
9. Blood   
10. Spirit   
 The Real Thing
The Real Thing, Slash / London Records
June 20th, 1989
1. From Out of Nowhere   
2. Epic   
3. Falling to Pieces   
4. Surprise! You're Dead!   
5. Zombie Eaters   
6. The Real Thing   
7. Underwater Love   
8. The Morning After   
9. Woodpecker From Mars   
10. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)   
11. Edge of the World
 Live At The Brixton Academy
Live at the Brixton Academy, Slash
February 4th, 1991
1. Falling to Pieces   
2. The Real Thing   
3. Epic   
4. War Pigs
5. From Out of Nowhere   
6. We Care A Lot   
7. Zombie Eaters   
8. Edge of the World   
9. The Grade   
10. The Cowboy Song
Faith No More - Angel Dust Angel Dust Slash / London Records
June 8th, 1992
1. Land of Sunshine   
2. Caffeine   
3. Midlife Crisis   
4. RV   
5. Smaller and Smaller   
6. Everything's Ruined   
7. Malpractice   
8. Kindergarten   
9. Be Aggressive   
10. A Small Victory   
11. Crack Hitler   
12. Jizzlobber   
13. Midnight Cowboy
 King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime
King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime, Slash / London Records
March 28th, 1995
1. Get Out   
2. Ricochet   
3. Evidence   
4. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies   
5. Star A.D.   
6. Cuckoo for Caca   
7. Caralho Voador   
8. Ugly in the Morning
9. Digging the Grave   
10. Take This Bottle   
11. King for a Day   
12. What a Day   
13. The Last to Know   
14. Just a Man
 Album Of The Year
Album of the Year, Slash / London Records
June 3rd, 1997
1. Collision   
2. Stripsearch   
3. Last Cup of Sorrow   
4. Naked in Front of the Computer   
5. Helpless   
6. Mouth to Mouth   
7. Ashes to Ashes   
8. She Loves Me Not   
9. Got That Feeling   
10. Paths of Glory   
11. Home Sick Home   
12. Pristina   



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